Jack White’s Top 10 Songs Not Named “Seven Nation Army”

Consequence of Sound

Every generation births their own guitar gods. Some had Jimmy Page, while others had Jimi Hendrix. It’s the stuff that makes up some of the most epic debates you’ll ever have with fellow music nerds and the soundtrack to many Friday nights spent at home alone. Jack White fills our generation’s needs in this area.

For 15 years, he’s kept his Third Man stamp on indie rock and mainstream radio. His bands The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, and The Dead Weather have all received massive critical and commercial success, opening doors into varying genres and collaborations with the likes of Danger Mouse, Alicia Keys, Loretta Lynn, and Neil Young.

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White doesn’t know how to slow down. Whether he’s manning his own record label, talking shit about the Black Keys, apologizing to the Black Keys, or headlining festivals across the world, he’s doing something buzzworthy. This week he’s particularly busy with the release…

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