Eye of the Needle by Sia: God, get out there


Obsessed with the story, but since when was that a bad thing?

Please, geez, just go out and explore. Just go explore. You need to live away, you need to travel the world.

Oh my god, please, just go out there.

Yes, I know it’s difficult. But really what is it? Just a couple of weekends when you buy one less beer. You can do that.

God, I want to see Boston again.

God, I think of all of the places that sink into my heart and the mind. I think of Grand Central, Stamford, Bedford, Wooster, Shoreditch, Queensway.

Ah, I think of those cities that woke me up. London, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago.

Sleepy, sleepy suburbs. Sleepy suburbs for eighteen years. And then a place like Amsterdam shook me to my core in the best way possible. Those canals taught me what the future could be.

I remember telling being told that I do is work and that this was awful.


Here I am. The workhorse that guys have been criticizing me for ever since. But… not every guy. Not everyone sees my passion as a depletion from my life.

And, man, was I ever so individualistic. Did anyone else go to London, LA, Chicago, New York and Syracuse with me? Who could possibly know the scope of my adventures? Of my change? Of the worlds that I learned? There were few who did. And I try to hold them close.

God, I think of London and Faraday and Breaking Bad and of Shakespeare’s Pub when I walked in and there they all were – the guys I spent the rest of the semester with and grew to cherish. I think about that moment a lot, actually. One of my friends had invited me, and I only sort of knew the other guys. But I walked in with confidence I didn’t even know that I had, and I knew that these people would stick with me.

And I just went everywhere. I didn’t want to latch down. I liked being in the clouds.

And senior year was familiar. Senior year was school.

But now I am where I wanted to be when I dreamt it as a senior in high school. When I longed for the scope of life as opposed to the suburban clock of Jamba Juice and Starbucks espresso.

God, friends, you need to get out there. I know it is hard. But, my God, you can do it.

You can do it.