Happy Miserable: Los Campesinos! Audio Deception

My favorite songs, albums, artists, are the ones that are clever, the ones that are able to trick the listener. For example, while Run the Jewels may have rough sounding vocals and gutters synths to back them up that evoke a sense of fear, their lyrics suggest us to take tolerance into greater account in our daily lives.

The band I am particularly thinking of and listening to currently is Los Campesinos! The song Miserbilia is an excellent example of this with just the name alone. You have an expectation of a song that is slow, morose, slogging.Instead, it is high-anxiety, high energy, even the notes from the guitars and xylophone seem to be on uppers. It even starts with “breathe easy” from the singer.

It’s such a fun song that you forget to actually listen. You’re bobbing your head on the subway and looking at the people in the car and you think about the diversity of the city or something else that you think is inspiring.

But the end, when you listen to it for the first time, is what makes you stop dancing. The polite smile you have on turns into a scowl and you listen to the song again.

You actually listen to the lyrics this time and this sense of washes over you. 

“No one matters.

(No one matters).

No one cares.”

The dialogue between the two lovers suggests a parting of ways, or a misunderstanding. 

But it’s not the interaction between them that matters. It’s how it makes them feel. How things like that make us all feel. 

How the worlds makes us feel.

“Shout at the world because the world doesn’t love you,

Lower yourself because you know that you’ll have to.”

It’s that – the end makes you stop in your tracks. You know that sort of scream they’re singing. It’s the same screaming you keep locked in your stomach when something bad happens at work or you’re arguing with a family member. You can’t let it go.

But you want to. God, you want to. And at least it feels good to hear what it feels like, even when you didn’t expect it.