When I was in elementary school, Santa gave me my first cd.

And by that, I mean that my dad gave me my first cd that I played on repeat for months.

Dad said to me, “I think you’ll really like her, Claire, she has a great song called ‘White Flag.'” So, I put Life for Rent in my CD player and listened to it.’ Then I listened to ‘Stoned.’ Finally, ‘Closer,’ and I listened to the album again and again and again.

Back in the day in 2009 - my first vinyl record, Vampire Weekend's debut album

Back in the day in 2009 – my first vinyl record, Vampire Weekend’s debut album

Since then, I’ve branched out from Dido to Bruce Springsteen, Modest Mouse, the Black Keys, Pink Floyd, Pearl Jam and the list goes on. I’m a classic rock fan at my roots (it’s a Dunderman tradition to love the Guess Who), but I’m a professional indie rock fan. Or, at least, I’d like to think I am.

This blog is basically exemplifying my obsession with music. I have to let it out somewhere, right? There’s so much out there, and I have yet to even scratch the surface. This is me perusing through dusty vinyl albums, gushing over new singles, and pretending to exhibit an ethos in the music world.

I also have a blog about when I cry a lot and do silly, awkward things: https://nicebutemotional.wordpress.com/

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