Album of the Week: 5/13/13

Discovery – Daft Punk

The internet’s relentless drive for new information all of the time has proven itself once again this week with Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories leak. As thrilling as the new music from the French duo is, it’s important to take a moment and appreciate their previous albums, and in particular, the one that got me obsessed with the band: Discovery.

I came to Daft Punk way late into the game, and wasn’t immediately taken by them in the first place. The one song that I heard part of was ‘Emotion,’ and all I could think was When does it end?

Fortunately, I had the good graces of the internet and YouTube to change my mind – with this particular video that I’m sure you’ve already seen a dozen times.

And from that video, I ended up watching another rendition.

And from there, I ended up listening to the song on repeat for a good week.

Before Daft Punk, I had always had this sort of distaste for electronic groups. I just didn’t even venture into that genre, and the closest that I got to liking a electronic band was Passion Pit. Even then, though, Passion Pit still has the feel of an indie rock band.

With Daft Punk, though, I was being exposed to not just electronica. There was funk and soul and rock and techno and so many different elements all in one song, in one album, all coming from one band.

So, naturally, being enthralled with ‘Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger’ led me to become engrossed with Discovery. ‘High Life’ was perfect for the quick pick-me-up going to class on a dreary day (and it always reminded me of this hilarious Phoenix Wright parody video that I can’t seem to find again). ‘Face to Face’ gave me this giddy sort of feeling, with its smooth singer and funky beat.

After listening to the album continuously, it became a sort of ‘cornerstone’ album for me. These are the albums where I can be doing anything, and without fail, this album will work. It’ll be perfect for background music, allowing for reflection, or just great to dance to. Most importantly, though, it became an album that I can sleep to.

These albums are the best of the best. The albums I can sleep to mean a simple thing: it’s an album so dependable that is allows the same sort of thrills when I first listened to it, and I can rely on the positive feelings that the albums give me to the point where I don’t even need to be awake to enjoy the album. I’ll sift in and out of consciousness, and wake up happy, listening to a good song no matter which track it is on the album.

Discovery joined the list. Now, with Random Access Memories available for streaming, I’ll be able to see if I can add another Daft Punk album to the list soon.

Track of Choice: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger